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Carlos Rogers: A Washington Redskins Blogger Perspective

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Yesterday we started what will be a brief series of posts looking at the 49ers free agent acquisitions through the eyes of their previous team. Yesterday, Buffalo Rumblings blogger Brian Galliford provided some thoughts on new 49ers safety Donte Whitner. Today, we have Kevin Ewoldt of Hogs Haven chiming in on new 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers.

It's safe to say Kevin really liked what Carlos Rogers brought to the table for the Redskins. The biggest complaint about Rogers seems to be his inability to hang on to interceptions. While it would be incredibly disappointing to have a dropped interception be followed by an eventual touchdown, there are worse things in the world than having your cornerbacks actually in a position to make said interception.

I'm not sure what to make of Rogers at this point. Pro Football Focus has a breakdown of percentage of receptions completed into a given player's coverage. I'm operating under the assumption that is basically completion percentage on passes to that player's coverage. Without actual coach's film I don't really know how accurate the stat can be but I'll post it for you to do with what you will. According to PFF the % is 69.4%, which is 13th worst on their rankings.

Taken at face value, I'd say that's not a good thing. However, based on Kevin's comments after the jump, one could always find a hole in that statistic. Kevin points to Rogers' value with a solid pass rush. The completion percentage against a player is a pretty basic stat that doesn't reflect things like pass rush support and whether the player is getting support over the top. That's not to say it makes Rogers and infinitely better receiver, but it might add some context to the stats.

Fans tend to only remember the very highs and very lows of a player....typically the ones in the replays on news. For Carlos Rogers, that's always a dropped interception. They guy has stone hands and has dropped 2 INTs I can think of off-hand that would have sealed a game, but instead led the opposing team to continue a drive and score.

But to football fans that know football, Carlos is an outstanding corner cover. Rogers was consistently facing #1 opposing WRs for the Redskins...not DeAngelo Hall. Rogers is also one of the better tackling corners you'll see. He's not afraid to get physical and he takes great angles on rushes to his side. The Redskins had a horrible defensive line last year, so when Carlos couldn't convert turnovers, he took a lot of the blame. The truth is, if you have a strong pass rush, Carlos can essentially take away half the field.