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Antwan Applewhite: A San Diego Chargers Blogger Perspective

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The storm that was free agency has quieted down with the official start of the league year so I thought I'd continue on with our SB Nation blogger perspective series. Earlier today we heard from Hogs Haven blogger Kevin Ewoldt about Carlos Rogers, and yesterday we heard about Donte Whitner courtesy of Brian Galliford at Buffalo Rumblings.

Our next perspective comes John Gennaro over at Bolts from the Blue as he briefly discusses new outside linebacker Antwan Applewhite. Although Aldon Smith and Parys Haralson appear set to be the starting OLBs for the 49ers in the very near future, depth is always a good thing. When the 49ers drop into a 4-3 in some pass rush situations, Aldon Smith will likely be down at defensive end, so having a solid third or fourth outside linebacker can be quite valuable.

Head after the jump to read over what John has to say about Applewhite. It sounds like he fits the needed role the 49ers are looking for as a solid backup option. It's interesting to note he showed some pass rushing skills last preseason before apparently struggling during the season.

Really good guy, and known for his versatility (good special teamer, can play ILB in a pinch), but lacking in terms of talent. Last year in the preseason his pass-rushing skills seem to blossom out of nowhere, but they dropped off again once we made it to the season and he was pushed into the starter's role.

Antwan is a valuable backup, and a hard-worker, but a bit injury-prone. And, as mentioned above, you do not (under any circumstances) want him as your starting OLB for more than a couple of games. He's a fair run-stopper there, but he doesn't have the speed or the power to get around even average left tackles around the league.