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Jim Harbaugh: When It All Began

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Last night bonbrillio found an old FanPost that might mark the first Fanpost mention of Jim Harbaugh as a possible candidate for 49ers head coach. A quick search provides a rundown of some of the older comments and FanPosts on the topic. There were numerous comments throughout last season, but October 6, 2010 is when we slowly began our descent into the madness that would become the Harbaugh-calypse.

One of the best and worst aspects of the Internet is the fact that most everything is saved over time. If you do a quick search in some of those older Harbaugh FanPosts you'll see my concern over hiring a college coach. College coaches generally seem to struggle in the NFL, but Harbaugh likely doesn't qualify as your typical college coach. His long stretch of NFL playing days, combined with his brief time in the NFL, combined with his climb through the college coaching ranks will hopefully put him in a position to be a success.

It's interesting to note the number of people that were voicing support for Singletary at the time. The team was 0-4 and coming off the tough 16-14 loss at Atlanta with a 27-24 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles just a few short days away. Was the support for Singletary as much because a fresh new option wouldn't be able to happen until after the season? Or was it legitimately thinking he could turn things around?