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Jonathan Goodwin: A New Orleans Saints Blogger Perspective

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We wrap up our series of posts on 49ers free agent acquisitions with a look at Jonathan Goodwin, courtesy of Dave Cariello at Canal Street Chronicles. Thus far we've looked at Braylon EdwardsMadieu WilliamsAntwan ApplewhiteCarlos Rogers and Donte Whitner.

Dave makes an interesting point about offensive linemen that can apply particularly to centers and guards. When it comes to offensive linemen, you usually prefer not to hear their names called too frequently. If a lineman is facing a particularly well known pass rusher a good performance will be noted by the television announcers. However, more often than not you simply don't hear all that much when things are going well.

Arguably the most "memorable" play of David Baas' 2010 season was the snap he shot over Alex Smith's head early in the MNF game against the Saints. Much like with referees, you generally prefer to not hear an offensive lineman's name called out during a game.

Head after the jump to read over what Dave has to say about center Jonathan Goodwin.

Unfortunately, I really don't have much to share. It's tough to judge talent on the offensive line. He's always just been a solid starter that you'd never really notice, which I think is exactly what you want in a center. Because, let's face it, if you're noticing the center, it's probably not for good reasons.

The Saints have had a great offensive line for years, winning the Madden Most Valuable Protectors Award in 2009, so that's got to count for something. Ever since the Saints let Jeff Faine walk a few years ago he's stepped up to the plate and hasn't missed a beat.

He's obviously a bit on the older side and I think Saints fans were a bit surprised by the sweet contract the Niners offered him. Can't blame him for leaving.