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49ers Free Agents: Compensatory Draft Picks & Blogger Perspectives

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This past week was a fairly busy week for the 49ers as they signed up a whole host of players and got into gear at training camp with the veterans finally getting to take part. Over the last few days we ran a series of posts called Player X: A Team Y Blogger Perspective. The 49ers added a host of free agents last week and I thought it would be helpful to get thoughts on them from their former team's SB Nation blogger.

Jonathan Goodwin
Braylon Edwards
Madieu Williams
Antwan Applewhite
Carlos Rogers
Donte Whitner

I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone in this post and open the floor for discussion of possible compensatory picks. There was a brief Fanpost about the topic but I thought I'd flesh it out a bit more on the front page.

In addition to the six players above, the 49ers also signed David Akers and Blake Costanzo. Compensatory picks are figured out by a formula that involves free agents added and free agents lost and their performance in the upcoming season. The 49ers added eight unrestricted free agents while losing eight, and likely at least a ninth, if not more. The 49ers free agents that have signed elsewhere:

David Baas - Giants
David Carr - Giants
Nate Clements - Bengals
Aubrayo Franklin - Saints
Travis LaBoy - Chargers
Manny Lawson - Bengals
Jeff Reed - Seahawks
Takeo Spikes - Chargers

Aside from those eight, Dashon Goldson is going to get a contract that will likely take him elsewhere. Beyond Goldson, remaining 49ers free agents include:

Demetric Evans
Will James
Barry Sims
Troy Smith

If the 49ers 2011 season goes the way many of us hope it will, it's entirely possible the 49ers will end up with no compensatory picks. A few monster years for the departed free agents could make a difference, but I'd almost hope they don't do enough more because of strong performances from the 49ers additions.

We'll keep an eye on these players over the course of the season, but a solid resource for projecting comp picks is this site. He's used the blog to focus in on compensatory picks and hopefully he'll be back for the 2012 NFL Draft.