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Report: Dashon Goldson Will Re-Sign One-Year Deal with 49ers

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ProFootballTalk just tweeted news that Dashon Goldson would return to San Francisco on a one-year deal.  This would have come as a surprise had it not been for Reggie Smith's injury on Saturday and downtrodden tweets last night.  Smith limped off the field and then later tweeted that 

Everything happens 4 a reason & I believe it. Just wished it wouldn't have happened right now.

Just last week Goldson visited with the Patriots, who usually get their man in free-agency.  Following the signing of Donte Whitner Goldson had tweeted that he wouldn't "be back".  With a healthy Smith coupled-with the signing of Madieu Williams and Whitner, it seemed as though Dashon knew there wasn't room for him on the roster.

I probably would have agreed, as most of us did, that Whitner's signing meant Goldson wasn't in the 49ers plans.  This potentially means that the injury Smith sustained is thought to be serious enough to keep him out of some regular season games.

We'll have more as this story develops.