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Reggie Smith Update: Third Party Source Indicates Possibility Of Some Kind Of Surgery

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Tre's Update: Barrows just tweeted that a source tells him Smith has a torn meniscus and is likely only out a few weeks.  I have a friend who had this scope and he was back surfing, running, etc. within a let's hope Reggie recovers quickly!

I wasn't sure how to handle this post given the level of hearsay involved. 49ers players will be meeting with the media from noon to one today, so maybe Reggie Smith will be around to provide a status update. The 49ers have not provided an official comment on the injury and Reggie Smith hasn't cleared it up via twitter.

Maiocco put out this tweet a bit ago and we can take it for what it's worth. One of the most respected beat writers in the game heard this from a source. Now "surgery" can cover a whole range of medical issues. I'm not going to even begin to speculate what this could mean, only to say that it could be relatively modest, it could be incredibly serious, or it could fall anywhere in between. And this is also assuming the third party is correct. Feel free to post updated tweets and stories in here as they come out.

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