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NN Fantasy Football Update

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Just a heads-up that tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon pacific I'm going to post info for joining our 12-team Fantasy Football Leagues. We've got three leagues for now but we'll open up more based on demand. Based on the last post about this, it seemed like we'd have enough interest for at least four or five leagues.

I'll post the three league names tomorrow with the passwords to join and it will basically be first come, first serve. All I ask is that you not be "that guy" and join more than one of the leagues. Go into one and try and join it. If it's full go into the next, and so on. I'll make sure and be around so that I can get new leagues created as needed.

Once a league is full, the commissioner will get in touch with everybody to set the draft date. I'm commissioner of one league and then other folks are commishing the other leagues. Any adjusted rules (point per reception, individual defensive players, etc) can be decided amongst the league.

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to post it in the comments.