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49ers vs. Saints: Starters Expected To Run 20 Plays On Friday

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Jim Harbaugh wrapped up his post-practice press conference about thirty minutes ago and we'll be getting the transcript sometime later tonight. The beat writers sent out tweets of some of the details and one jumped out. Harbaugh was asked how much playing time the starters would get and he indicated approximately 20 plays.

I looked over the play-by-play from last year's preseason opener and the starters played through the first quarter, which amounted to approximately 14 plays. I don't know if Coach Harbaugh is looking to get more playing time for his starters, or if he thinks the team will run a lot of plays in the first quarter. I'm guessing it's just additional playing time, but we'll know more on Friday.

The lockout has left the 49ers scrambling to get their players prepared, and Harbaugh himself has said the team at times has looked like it would in May had the offseason gone like normal. The team finds itself with a steep learning curve over the next four weeks.