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NN Fantasy Football Leagues: At My Signal, Unleash Hell

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Fooch's Note: We've got a fourth non-beginner league but I don't have the ID # from the commissioner. Once I have that I'll post it. In the meantime, if you're interested in joining, reply to the comment I posted towards the bottom of the thread.

I figure it will be all out war in the world of fantasy football so a Gladiator quotation seems fitting. I've decided rather than trying to fit everybody into specific leagues for the most part, I'm just going to post the league info and you can join in a first come, first serve basis. The front page staff will also have a league going and Drew will be putting together a weekly FanPost discussing the league. That will become a sort of official post for discussions of all our fantasy football leagues.

After the jump I've listed out the leagues and their ID #s. The password for all the leagues is 49ers. Please do not join more than one league. Additionally, for people looking for a beginner league, I've created a league specifically for you. I'm the commissioner for now but once we get folks in I'll designate one of you commissioner and I'll bow out of the league. However, for the commish I'll be available to help with any questions you have since you'll be a beginner as well.

League 1: 190768

League 2: 390303

League 3: 391224

NN Beginner League: 447345

Once again, the password for all the leagues is 49ers. If you are unable to get into a league, post a comment here so I know how many additional leagues to create. Reminer: Do NOT join the beginner league if you're an experienced fantasy football player. Don't be "that guy."

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