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49ers Wide Receivers: What Do You Do After Braylon Edwards & Michael Crabtree?

The 49ers wide receiver position has what could prove to be a very solid pair of starters in Braylon Edwards and Michael Crabtree. While neither is a sure thing for anything due to a multitude of reasons, on paper it is a solid duo to build on this season.

The question I pose today is what happens after that both on paper with the wide receiver depth chart, and also on the field in terms of how the team can best utilize the remaining receivers that make the team. Consider this a mix of projecting the final 49ers wide receiver depth chart and also your thoughts on how to best utilize those receivers.

When you've got Edwards potentially stretching the field and using his size to take advantage of his opponent, Crabtree is a guy who could be utilized on a variety of quick passes whether it be slants, screens or anything else. He's a guy with the ability to put together impressive YAC totals in the west coast offense.

After that, you're looking at some combination of Josh Morgan, Kyle Williams, Ted Ginn, Ronald Johnson and Dominique Zeigler amongst the remaining three or four receivers on the 53-man roster. Morgan and Williams would seem to be locks for the roster. I'm open to arguments otherwise, but I'd be stunned if either did not make the roster.

Beyond that, it's a tough call. Ginn has gotten some praise from offensive coordinator Greg Roman. Ronald Johnson is a rookie draft pick, which might buy him some time, or might guarantee him a ticket to the practice squad. And Dominique Zeigler? He missed a ton of time with his recovery from injury, but Coach Harbaugh said he was surprised by what he could do so quickly since returning to the practice field.

Based on all that and what you expect from Edwards and Crabtree in the passing game, what kind of role do you expect for the rest of the wide receivers? Considering the offense will also be working in Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker, and of course Frank Gore out of the backfield, there are only so many balls to go around. What do you do?