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49ers vs. Chargers: Aldon Smith, Demarcus Dobbs Dominate Second Quarter

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The second quarter saw the 49ers offense stall out a bit as QB Colin Kaepernick continued to struggle. Kaepernick threw a pair of interceptions with one being a brutal underthrow and the other being a bit of a tough pass into excellent coverage on Ronald Johnson. The defender had a hand on Johnson's left arm and from behind it was tough to tell what specifically happened, but at the end of the day it was an interception.

The big story of the second quarter has come on defense as Aldon Smith has two sacks and Demarcus Dobbs has gotten involved on a couple big plays. On the Smith sack, Dobbs was rolling his defender back and was getting into Scott Tolzien's line of sight. On the Jordan Todman fumble, Dobbs actually appeared to get a hand in on the play, although he was turned around and didn't see the ball when he made the play. Either way, when things are going well for a youngster, these sorts of plays happen.

It's all backup play at this point and given how early Kaepernick got into the game, we might still see Josh McCown or McLeod Bethel-Thompson in the fourth quarter.