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NFL Week One Morning Opening Thread

The Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints got the 2011 NFL season going with a thrilling 42-34 Packers victory on Thursday evening. It was an exciting game and it was a great way to start the season, but we all know the Sunday slate of games is where it's at.

This morning starts with eight games at 10:00am pacific, with a host of interesting matchups. Baltimore and Pittsburgh are the big game of the morning, but I'd argue Detroit-Tampa Bay, Philly-St. Louis and Atlanta-Chicago could all prove to be exciting matchups.

If you're looking for what games will be in your area, check out They provide broadcast maps for morning and afternoon matchups. The only afternoon matchup that matters is 49ers-Seahawks, but you'll need something to keep you busy until then. The Bay Area is getting Pittsburgh-Baltimore but I plan on tuning in to the Red Zone channel so I'm not stuck with a single game. I like a nice mix and there could be enough tight battles that having access to multiple games without DirecTV's Sunday Ticket is worth it.

We've got a few hours to kill until the 49ers game starts so enjoy some morning football in the meantime.