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49ers vs. Seahawks: Ray McDonald, Good; Penalties, Bad

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The 49ers and Seahawks are underway and as would be expected we've had a mix of good and bad early on. The penalties are adding up early on as the 49ers have a roughing the kicker penalty and a false start penalty. While they did overcome the roughing penalty, it led to them starting at their own six yard line instead of a touchback at the 20. The 49ers then had a false start penalty that turned a 2nd and 5 into a 2nd and 10. It's not the end of the world, but they need to clean things up or else the penalties will start to hurt them in more significant ways.

The good though came from an impressive first series from the defensive line and Ray McDonald in particular. He was in the backfield consistently and grabbed the first sack of the season for the 49ers defense. It's nice to see McDonald rewarding the 49ers faith in him.