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49ers vs. Seahawks: Never Question The Toughness Of Alex Smith

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The 49ers head into halftime with a 16-0 lead as Alex Smith gave up his body on a one yard rushing touchdown. The 49ers struggled through much of the first half with red zone issues and looked like they might be headed for a fourth David Akers field goal. However, a pass interference call on a short pass to Braylon Edwards set up the Smith run. I think we'll see a lot of corner routes to Edwards and given his size, pass interference calls could become a fairly regular occurence.

I would like to briefly address just how tough an hombre Alex Smith is. He may never develop into a great quarterback. Heck, he might never even turn into a solid quarterback. But however his NFL career ends, I really don't see how anybody can question his toughness. Dating back to the shoulder injuries he first suffered in 2007, Smith has proven himself time and again to be a badass in that regard.

We saw two blocks earlier today on the Gore run, and then Smith gave up his body to get that touchdown before the end of the first half. You can go back to the 49ers-Raiders game where Smith absolutely trucked Greg Ellis and not be surprised by this. I'm not saying you have to like Alex Smith's QB abilities. But at this point, it is a fact that Alex Smith is a tough S.O.B.