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49ers vs. Seahawks: It's Safe To Say Seattle Has The Momentum Right Now

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After a strong defensive performance in the first half and a strong offensive close to the half, the 49ers find themselves struggling as the Seattle Seahawks have firmly grabbed the momentum in this game on both sides of the ball. The Seahawks took control on offense with strong runs and solid pass plays and have cut the lead to 16-10. Whatever the reason, Tarvaris Jackson is getting a bit more time to look for open receivers as the Seahawks offensive line is working its way into some level of consistency. Throw in some questionable penalty calls and this is just a little too interesting right now.

As for the 49ers offense, @49erscbssports made an interesting comment on twitter as he pointed to some college looking plays that don't quite work in the NFL where all the players have some solid athleticism. They just can't seem to find any sort of consistency and have accordingly let the Seahawks hang around this game. The 49ers have had opportunities to try and blow this game open but it's just not happening. They need to get something figured out on offense and adjustments are needed on defense.