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49ers vs. Seahawks Recap: Ted Ginn Jr. Slams The Door Shut

Well, that was certainly an interesting game. The 49ers wrapped up a 33-17 victory to start the season 1-0 and get Jim Harbaugh his first career NFL victory. Normally this recap would be a basic comprehensive look at the game, but why not celebrate the man who locked up the win with two monster returns?

Ted Ginn operated in a sort of closer role as he absolutely slammed this game home just as it was getting a little too interesting. The 49ers struggled mightily in the red zone and in leaving numerous points off the scoreboard they let the Seahawks scratch and claw their way back into this game, cutting the 49ers lead to 19-17 at one point. However, after Doug Baldwin scored on a 55-yard catch and run, Ted Ginn decided it was time for enough foolishness.

On the ensuing kickoff, Ginn took the ball two yards deep in the end zone and ran it back 102 yards for a touchdown, giving the 49ers a 26-17 lead. He almost pulled a "Dre being Dre" moment as he celebrated ten yards before the end zone. Fortunately he brought the ball back in and got back to celebrating after the score.

The Seahawks got the ball back with 3:45 to go but quickly went three and out as the 49ers pass rush continued a strong performance, highlighted by a Justin Smith sack on 3rd and 10. The Seahawks punted to Ginn and after a brief bobble he bounced back and forth and through multiple defenders for his second return touchdown of the game.

The 49ers didn't win pretty today and they can't count on Ginn securing wins like this every week, but a win is a win is a win. It buys the team another week to straighten things out on offense, work on play-calling, work on execution, and just plain take care of business. For now though, 1-0 is a good thing.