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49ers vs. Seahawks: Jim Harbaugh, Alex Smith, Others Speak To The Media

The San Francisco had Jim Harbaugh and numerous players available to the media after the game. We'll go into some more detail about many of these comments tomorrow morning, but for now I just wanted to post them for you to peruse at your leisure. With all sorts of material coming out of today's game we'll have plenty of posting each week as we try and break up the topics a little bit.

Coach Harbaugh will have his day-after press conference at noon pacific tomorrow (Monday) and if history is any indication, it will be streamed live at and at As per usual we'll have a thread up and ready for the noon press conference with embedded video for streaming.

Head after the jump to read over what the 49ers had to say following the 33-17 victory.

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh
Press Conference - September 11, 2011
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Did you guys play the way you wanted the team to play today?

"Yeah, the only goal is to win and our guys did a great job. It's never easy to get a win in the National Football League. I thought our offense had a very blue-collar type of day. I thought [QB] Alex Smith played exceptionally well. He played tough. Good pass protection up front and they did what they had to do. No turnovers, that was huge. Defensively, it was lights out in the first half especially. Gave up one big play. I think the second biggest play they gave up was a 13-yarder besides the touchdown. Outstanding play by [DT] Ray McDonald and [DT] Justin Smith. They were really good. [CB Tarell] T. Brown getting his first start, I thought we played well. Then special teams, there is a list of guys that were outstanding special teams. Starting with [WR] Teddy Ginn. Game ball for Teddy. Great job by [K] David Akers, [TE] Delanie Walker was an animal out there on kickoff coverage. [LB NaVorro] Bowman makes the tackle on the 60-plus punt that [P] Andy [Lee] hit. It's just him and [RB Leon Washington] 33; if he doesn't make that play, that would have been a big one against us. [LB Blake] Contanzo played really well. [S C.J.] Spillman had a heck of a day. Good team victory. It feels good."

You have so many young players on special teams, was that a concern for you at all going into the season? Maybe this unit wouldn't be as good because they haven't congealed at this point?

"You go into the first game and you don't have, at least I didn't in this case, a real grasp of what the team is. Now we have a better handle. We knew there would be some things we really liked and things that we didn't. We'll keep working on improving those things that we're doing well and see if we can't get better in areas. But as far as answering your question, yeah, we're worried about everything coming into the first ball game. I slept like a baby last night; I woke up every hour crying, making sure that these guys were prepared in every way. They had our back; the players did a heck of a job in this one. I was really proud of them." 

You gave a big hug to Alex after his touchdown, was it because of the toughness that you mentioned? Is that the aspect that you liked?

"Yeah. He doesn't get that in, we're scrambling to clock it and try to get the field goal before the half, rolling the dice, putting it in his hands, and he came up big for us. Toughness. Great job sticking it in the end-zone by Alex." 

Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman said earlier in the week that due to the lockout, it might be kind of a more simplified game plan. It seemed like there were runs in 3rd-n-3, 3rd-n-6 situations, it seemed like  a fairly conservative game plan. Was that due to the lockout?

"More due to the flow of the game. Trying to win the game, playing field position at times. Making sure that we got points. Our defense was playing very well, our special teams was playing very well. Offense was in a blue-collar type of mode, but we were comfortable doing both the way Alex was throwing the ball. He was on the money with his accuracy. His QB rating was very good. He was playing winning football, so we were playing to win. That's really that more than anything else." 

What do you mean you were playing blue-collar football on offense? What does that mean?

"Workmen-like. Good physical, pass protection, running the ball, not forcing the throw, playing field position, taking the points when they arose." 

What are your instructions to Ginn before the kickoff return? About what to look for?

"In terms of kickoffs?" 

The kickoff return, yes.

"The instructions are what the return is, what our plan is, depending on how deep he is in the end-zone. There are several things, I'm not going to go into what the scheme is. [Special Teams Coordinator] Brad [Seely] gives the instructions. 

Before the kickoff return, with the game situation, it can be construed as a risk to come out and risk a fumble given the game situation. But that was never an issue to ask him to down it, right?

"We were staying with our plan on that kickoff return. There was still a lot of time to play and we wanted to pop one. The guys I mentioned plus others did a heck of a job and Teddy's speed kills. He was moving" 

Do you feel different being 1-0 in the NFL as opposed to being 0-0 in your career?

"What I'm thinking about right now other than the feeling of winning, the great thrill of winning a game. That's what makes football fun. I'm sure it won't be too many hours until I really start thinking about this week. I always feel that a football team has a chance to gain its biggest improvement from week one to week two, whether that's week one of the preseason to week two of the preseason games, week one of the regular season to week two, or playoff game one to game two. I'm sure it won't be too many hours until I start focusing on that." 

You chose to take points off the board when you were up by six. Was that an easy decision for you and can you explain your thought process?

"It was a roughing so it gave us the first down at the two. We weren't able to punch it in but I wanted to take the points off the board and try to get the touchdown." 

How special is this for you? You only have one chance to win your very first game as an NFL coach and you did that.

"Yeah, somebody mentioned that in there. That's true. It feels good. A great thrill of winning, I'm very proud of our players. Wonderful feeling."

You said to tune in to your conversations with Seattle Head Coach Pete Carroll before and after the game. How was the conversation on the field after the game?

"Good. He congratulated us on the win and said we'd see each other down the road."

WR Michael Crabtree played a lot in the first half, not so much in the second. Is he on a pitch count because of his injury?

"No, we didn't really go into the game with a pitch count on him."

Why didn't he play more in the second half?

"I felt that he wasn't 100 percent at that time, like he was when he started the game."

Did he get injured?

"No. Just didn't think he was..."

Was it a conditioning issue?

"No, I wouldn't say that. Just watching him move, I didn't feel like he was up to 100 percent right there at that point in the ball game." 

What happened on the opening coin toss? Did you guys want the ball?

"No, we deferred it. That was my plan." 

You explained what blue-collar offense is in your eyes. What's white-collar offense in your eyes?

"I don't think about that one."


QB Alex Smith
Press Conference - September 11, 2011
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Coach Harbaugh was just talking up there about blue collar offense, haven't heard him use that phrase before, and I don't know what he means by it. He said you were especially blue collar today, and not you necessarily, though including you, what does he mean by it?

"I don't want to speak for him, but I think tonight-today, it wasn't pretty at times. We struggled on first and second down, kind of played the field position game there. Got down in the red zone, what three times in the first half, and couldn't walk away with touchdowns. Finally punched one in there with the two-minute drill. Same, struggled in the third quarter there to do much, but then in the fourth quarter when they made it a one possession game and we had to answer, we put a drive together and we took it down the field and answered. I guess that's kind of what I take by that, at least from my perspective, looking at the good and the bad tonight. We made plays when we had to. Obviously, a lot of room for improvement." 

Do you feel like a blue collar quarterback?

"Running in goal line one-yard runs, yeah (laughs). No, you take it how you get it. Some games are like this. Some games you're spreading out, throwing around, lighting up the score board, and the bottom line is getting the win. Defense played great, especially in the first half, played lights out, and the special teams in the second half made a lot of plays. Offensively, got in the red zone, like I said, multiple times and need to walk away with some touchdowns. Four field goals is..." 

One more thing, it seemed to me that offensively it was very conservative game planning until that drive to lead off the fourth quarter and they leaned more on you, you made really nice passes to the right on that drive, did it feel that they opened it up more for you and leaned on you a little more?

"Just as far as the first part, I don't know if it necessarily was a conservative game plan. I think that's just how the game went. I think games kind of take direction. I think the way the defense was playing in the first half, we had great field position, we were getting in the red zone, and getting those field goals. It just kind of went that direction. Then you are up, it's a three possession game, two-three possession game there in the third quarter. And yeah, we are trying to eat some clock and running the ball and kind of getting behind the sticks. We didn't have very good first and second down production. Then when they made it a one possession game, yeah I think finally we had to answer, we had to move the ball, change field position, get something going. So all of a sudden I think we're a little more back to balance, and made a couple of plays in the air." 

Coach Harbaugh mentioned that if you don't get in there, you're going to get scrambled...

"For sure, 12 seconds it's going to be tough to spike. Yes, I knew it right away. Obviously at the time, I'm kind of thinking more throw away kind of option, obviously if there's a walk in. Saw the only two guys came out, they both ran up the receivers, [RB] Frank [Gore] and [TE] Delanie [Walker], and I thought I had it. Then the guy spun on me, the guy defending Frank spun on me on the one, and luckily I was able to get in." 

How about you breaking a tackle or running through a guy, what was that?

"I wasn't trying to run through him. [Inaudible] trying to make contact, and then find any way possible to get in. When it's a yard, stretch, spin, do whatever you've got to do, just try to get in the end zone." 

Alex, why were you guys having so much trouble running the ball, especially in between the tackle?

"That's a good defense. You look at, I don't think many people run the ball between the tackles, especially last year against them. We had a lot in the game plan, run-game wise, to mix it up, get involved in the edge, and unfortunately we weren't able to get into a rhythm at all. The first down production was not where it needed to be tonight. We just were behind the chains a lot today. Second and long, third and long, you're trying to play catch up. It's not where you want to be, so." 

It's a little bit early, a little bit of vindication for you, do you think?

"I don't know about vindication. It's 1-0. That's great. That's the biggest thing playing quarterback, bottom line it's getting the win. Find a way and defense helped a lot tonight. Special teams obviously with [WR] Ted Ginn [Jr.] there in the end. It's a great win like I said, but offensively a lot of room for improvement." 

Last year was kind of tough for Ted Ginn Jr., he gets hurt the first game, had a decent camp, and then got hurt, so what have you kind of seen from him and learned about him most?

"I don't watch much of our special teams practice to be honest with you. We are over there doing drills and stuff, so I haven't seen much of that. But I'll just speak to his work ethic and how much he's improved as a receiver. This camp alone, it's been eye opening. Every person I talk to personally, he's the guy, the name, that comes out of my mouth. I think that's shown the most improvement, that has worked the hardest. He's just really come a long way I think. So I'm happy for him. Those were two-I mean I don't know how many guys have done that. I guess I don't know the stat, but I don't think many." 

How has he improved? Which ways?

"Just an all around. I think route running, catching the football. I think his general awareness at playing receiver, that time clock. Even him having the same kind of time clock I have. So if he's getting bumped and pressed, well maybe you don't get your full depth, and you come off a break early, and have a little bit of that awareness. He's just shown a lot of improvement this camp. I think he's done a lot for himself." 

Your first game with Coach Harbaugh in your ear, how was that, what's it like?

"We did it in the preseason." 

Right, first real game I mean. Is he calm? Is he...?

"He's the voice in my ear. Yeah, I mean sometimes. Sometimes the crowd's getting loud, we're down on the goal line, and you're yelling the play in. It just depends. It was good. Communication was great. Obviously we had a couple snap issues I think early. False starts and things we have to get ironed out." 

Alex, it's not just another voice in your ear, I mean last year you had a lot of problems getting plays in on time, this has got to be an improvement.

"Yes for sure, but this whole preseason whoever is calling the plays in, coaches have been on the ball with getting the play in with plenty of time. The guys have done a great job as far as tempo in and out of the huddle. So we haven't really had clock problems all preseason to this point. But I think it's just great to have the direct line with Coach Harbaugh. Coming in you get the little things here and there depending on big situations. Little reminders, those things help." 

You got a bear hug coming off the field, how was that? That was a nice moment.

"Yes it was nice. It was a big two-minute situation. We get down there on the goal line. Clock's running down. We call it the boot, and my number got called and found a way to get in. It was nice. He'd have to answer this, but I don't know if he kind of enjoyed that more than the touchdown pass." 

When's the last time you got hugged by a coach?

"I couldn't tell you. I hugged coach-on the field? I don't know." 

You looked a little surprised when he was hugging you, like he was a little more emotional than you would have expected?

"No, I don't know. We were all pumped up. I was jacked. You don't get to make plays like that as a quarterback very often, and to make it, it was special. To be able to be accountable to your teammates, to hold up your end of the deal, I was jacked. I was jacked for the offense, for all the guys on the sideline, and yes, it was fun just to come over and see your head coach just as jacked as you." 

[Inaudible] against Seattle in 2006?

"The keeper? No, a little different. That was fun too, but no this was-openers are always different. They are always special, and to get the W tonight, it was big." 

How much of your plays do you think you're trying to vindicate Harbaugh's faith in you? He's gone way out on a limb talking about you, praising you all the time he's been here.

"Yes, I'm not thinking about that, just playing good in general. There are a lot of reasons to play good. The biggest thing is for my teammates and coaches. That's why I play this game. That's why I think the game of football is so special. So to be able to hold up your end of the deal is a lot, and this is the best time to walk away with a win. No better feeling." 

Coach Harbaugh has always stressed mobility as one of the things he looks for in his quarterbacks, the last couple of years we haven't really seen that in your game as much. Is that something you could look more to this year where if the pressure is coming and just get whatever yards you can instead of trying to make something happen like with the receiver?

"I think a little more emphasis for sure on. I don't know about necessarily if there's pressure, but when things aren't there, when things break down, yes, the game of football, yes, sometimes it can be ugly, the pocket can be ugly, and it's not always going to be pretty. You're not always going to be able to sit back there and throw to guys on time. When things break down, use your feet. I feel like I have that ability. Yes, I think in the last couple of years for sure got away from it a little bit, just different emphasis I guess, and if it helps us, anything I can do to help."


WR Michael Crabtree
Post-Game Quotes - September 11, 2011
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Are you 100 percent? Do you feel like you're 100 percent?

"No. If I was 100 percent I would've finished the game, but I'm not 100 percent." 

When [WR] Ted Ginn Jr. hit the corner on that kick return, did you know it was over at that point?

"It was like him running a 200 and hitting the curve. I just saw him striding and as soon as he hit the corner I said, ‘Ted's gone.'" 

Did you have any problems with your cleats?

"No. It doesn't matter what cleats I have on to tell you the truth. It's my foot. It's not totally healed but it's good enough for me to go out there and play. Coach put me in, he knows I've played football before." 

Does it start to get sore at the end of practices as well, or was it just today?

"No not at all. It was just today. You're giving it your all in a game, it's the first game. It should be alright though." 

You said the x-rays already came back negative. Were you concerned you had done something to it again?

"Oh yeah. It was hurting so bad I was concerned, but, like I said, that's going to happen. Sometimes, I mean, if it's like that within a month you're just going to have to fight through it and finish the game. But we came out with a W today. That's the important thing." 

Obviously it's a week away, but do you think you'll be playing next week or does your foot need time to fully heal?

"I think I'm going to play every week. That's football. The season has started, so if it hurts again and I can't go then I'm just going to come out."


TE Vernon Davis
Postgame Quotes- September 11, 2011
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

What did you think about special teams and blocking for WR Ted Ginn Jr.?

"I think special teams stepped up. They did a great job today. Very thankful especially for Ted and some of the things he did that helped us and put us in a great situation to win the game." 

What happened on that big catch, what happened on that 27-yard catch? Did things break down?

"Things started to move forward once I made that play. All the guys started to feed off of that. That's what you need, you need a big play and the other guys come along like [WR] Braylon Edwards, [WR] Joshua [Morgan], [TE] Delanie [Walker] and all of those guys. We all feed off each other. 

Do you remember what the play was supposed to be?

"It was a route I was supposed to run and we executed it." 

You had zero turnovers, how much has ball security been stressed in practice with this team?

"Ball security is stressed every day. Every day we walk into the building, ball security. It's one of the big key components of the game and just playing football because you don't want any turnovers.


WR Braylon Edwards
Post-Game Quotes - September 11th, 2011
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

What was your impression of Ted Ginn before you got here versus now?

"Well my impression really hasn't changed. I went against Teddy three years in college, so I've seen this live and in person. He has returned some punts on us while I was at Michigan that hurt us, then I played against him for three years when he was with Miami. He had two on them in one game and that ended up beating us. So I've seen this before and I'm happy I can be on his team now and enjoy, versus watching from the sidelines. 

You were on the other side of those two in Miami?

"Exactly, in Europe when he scored both times I was on the Jets. I have seen this live and in person on numerous occasions." 

Are you happy for him personally?

"I know Teddy personally, so I'm really excited for him. I hosted him when he was thinking about coming to Michigan, but obviously that didn't work out. He's a fighter. He's a good guy. I know his father. I know his family. I wish him all the best and today he is showing you what he can do when he gets a chance."


WR Ted Ginn, Jr.
Press Conference - September 11, 2011
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks 

When did you find out you were going to return kicks as well as punts?

"It was always in the plans a lot of the week. I had the opportunity to go out and show what I had." 

Did you ever have a game like that-- where you ran one back on kickoff return and then a punt return?

"In Miami I ran two back against the Jets. That's the only draw I really got as far as special teams. It's great to put my team up and really close out the game. You always want to do it on the offensive or defensive side but for your special teams to do it, it's always great." 

What is your thought process on that kickoff return? Does it matter how deep you are in the end zone?

"It does matter how deep you are. That gives a lot of space to be able to bring it out or keep it in. It's up to you. Like I said, going out on that last kickoff return, the guy that really gave it away to me was [RB] Leon [Washington]. For some reason he was on the kickoff team and he jumped out there on me and that's the reason why I cut it back and it turned out to be great for me." 

Who gave you the game ball?

"The team. I felt like I did great and I appreciated it but it's just another day on the job." 

What were you thinking when you were about to hold the ball up and then you kind of tucked it in the last 10 yards?

"I looked up at the jumbotron and saw that there was a guy behind me. I thought to put it across my arms and secure it across the goal lines to make it be what it is, a touchdown, to secure the victory for us." 

Some media members have said that special teams won't be as big a part of the game this year because kickoffs are now at the 35-yard lines. Is this kind of like an answer for you that special teams is still alive and well in the NFL?

"Punt return-wise it's still going to be what it is. But as far as kickoff return, you're taking a chance every time you step out there. Being five or six yards deep in the end zone, sometimes you don't make it to the 20 like you want to, sometimes you might start at the 10 or 15. Sometimes it hurts your offense. But with the special teams that we have here, there's always a guarantee that we can pop one." 

How do you keep track of how deep you are?

"It's kind of like a feel. Like I said, I've been back there for about five years now so I can kind of get a good feel on how the kickoff team is coming down. 

After the first touchdown you ran back, was your adrenaline pumping before the second one? Did you amaze yourself?

"I didn't really amaze myself but I didn't think that they were going to come right back and punt it to me and I just tried to make them pay for it and I did. The penalty was on my mind, I thought it was on us, but I found out it was against them and it made me feel a lot better. I enjoyed the win and I know my team enjoyed the win and that's what it's all about. It's a collective effort. We're just going to try to come back next week and do it again."

At what point on the kick return did you know that you were gone?

"When I saw the kicker. My thing is ‘don't even let a kicker get you'. He got me the first time but I can't let him get me twice." 

You probably knew that Coach [Jim] Harbaugh was animated, but to see him bear hug your quarterback?

"It's a long journey here. We didn't have an offseason. [QB] Alex [Smith] had gone through a lot here and to see Harbaugh congratulate his quarterback like that means he has a lot of respect for him and a lot of trust for him. The only thing we can do is go out and get better for him and for our head coach, our team, our quarterback. We want to continue to take this as a pileup. One win after another after another. We're going to take it one game at a time. No matter who wins, no matter who does it. It could be special teams, it could be defense, it could be offense, but as long as we do it as a team collectively, I think we're going to do great." 

He gave you a hug after the kickoff return, too. Did he give you one after the punt return?

"Both of them he came over and congratulated me. It's been tough, it's been a long journey. He didn't know who he had, now he can see who we have all the way around. The first week is always tough. We're just going to try to go back next week and see what we did wrong, capitalize off of it and what we did good, still capitalize off of it." 

You made the decision to restart your contract, why did you do that?

"I'm a team player. It's not always about money. You come in, you play the game, and as you play the game, good things should happen for you." 

In Miami, those were both kickoff returns. How special is it to get a punt return and a kickoff return in the same game, back-to-back?

"It's great. You do it on a video game a lot but you don't really see it too much in real life. I have watched so many guys do it whether it's two punt returns, two kickoff returns. It's a blessing in disguise. I got to give most of it to God because he made it work. I just have to keep going out and keep practicing and keep getting better." 

Why did you thank God ?

"Because you can't do anything without God. God is first and foremost in my life so I have to give it up to Him first, and then whatever comes after that is what happens." 

LB Parys Haralson
Post-Game Quotes - September 11, 2011
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

You guys were up 16-10 at halftime and then it seemed like, kind of quietly, they got back into it at 16-10. Did you feel any sense of complacency going on?

"I wouldn't say complacency. I'd just say we just have to continue to build up on some of our things. We made a couple of mistakes but they made plays. I won't take anything away from them, they made plays. We've just got to be tuned and take care of our responsibilities." 

What's it like when you're in a game that has gotten a little bit close, you're still in the lead, and then you see a player like Ted Ginn Jr. kind of take over and put points on the board?

"He's a playmaker, Ted's a playmaker. The whole special teams unit did well. I think they were making the blocks and Ted, once he gets out, he's so fast and it's hard to catch him. He's a playmaker and he came in and made the plays that needed to be made." 

Parys there's a lot of talk about Aldon Smith that he's going to move into the starting lineup. Is there any way that's lit a fire under you? 

"Lit a fire under me? I just play football. I've got a job to do and I just do the job, that's it. I just do my job." 

How big were turnovers? You guys forced three of them and then you saw your offense hold onto it the whole game:

"That's what you've got to do. You've always got to force fumbles and get opportunities to score points and that's what we were able to do, to come out and try to force fumbles and get our offense the ball." 

DT Ray McDonald
Post-Game Quotes - September 11th, 2011
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Can you just talk about your emotions coming off of your first win this season?

"I mean, it's a great feeling. It's good to start the season off with a win."

Can you talk about the pressure you guys had on the D-line? It seemed like all day you guys were in their backfield.

"We had a good game plan going in. We knew we had the kid Tarvaris [Jackson] in front of us. We knew he was a good running quarterback. We stayed in our rush lanes and did our job." 

What about Ted Ginn with those two touchdowns right at the end? What was that like?

"Man that lifted our team. Ted, he is blazing fast, god darn he surprised me. That was a good job by him."

WR Joshua Morgan
Post-Game Quotes - September 11, 2011
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

You guys made put up 16 points and really took the wind out of their sails early:

"Yes, we capitalized, but we always want, you're not going to complain about the points, but we want touchdowns instead of field goals so we've got a lot of getting better to do. We've got to score when we get down there, we've got to get those short-yardage plays and we've just got to not make it close. We left too much room in there and we made it close. There were some big plays by some big-time players but other than that we made it close. We've got to score when we get down there, we can't keep kicking field goals, but we came out and we produced. We're greedy, as an offense you've got to be greedy. We want to score, we want six."

Talk about the job special teams did today, [K David] Akers made four field goals and obviously the two big returns:

"He's mister automatic. We're not trying to jinx him, but I haven't seen him miss since he's been here. And with [WR] Ted [Ginn Jr.], I would do anything for that speed, I think anybody would. He's a special player and, like I said, big-time players make big-time plays when it's crunch time and he just stepped up and did what he had to do." 

Did you guys say anything to each other before you went out there?

"Always because, as receivers, when you don't see the ball, you kind of start getting yourself out of the game and you just have to stay focused, stay focused and keep talking to each other. We're a close-knit group. This is what we told each other, ‘We've been together.' Me and Crab [WR Michael Crabtree] have been together, even [WR] Braylon [Edwards], we got used to him. So you just have to keep talking to each other and keep each other ready to play because, when you're number is called, you have to make that play, you have to." 

How big is this starting off the season with a win against your division rival?

"It's always big to get a rivalry win; it's just big to get a win period. Like I said, we've just got to watch the film and get better because we play some great teams and we've got to get better."


CB Carlos Rogers
Post-Game Quotes - September 11, 2011
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Talk about the play you made against the fade route by knocking the ball loose:

"The guy came and he kind of had a two-way go and I didn't know he was going to do a slant-fade. Obviously it was a fade away and it was to the point where I couldn't' look back, so I just had to play the pocket. It's a routine drill that we go over in practice, if you're not in a position to turn and look for the ball just play the pocket and that's what I did, fortunately it came out." 

Talk about the job the defense did overall, you guys had three turnovers and held them scoreless in the first half:

"It was a real good job. That front line, I was real surprised. I always heard about how they don't give up a hundred yards rushing, how good they are as a group. And just to see it out there for four quarters I was still surprised. I kept telling them, ‘Keep going, keep going, that's good.' It takes a lot of pressure off the backend when they do that and they're rushing the coverage works together. I was really pleased. We've got a another challenge next week and it's not going to be like it looked this week; the Cowboys are going to come in ready to go so we're going to have to put this film to bed and be ready to go next week."

What was the mentality of this team after Seattle scored that touchdown to make the score 19-17?

"To get out there and try to stop them. Our offense, they wanted to put up some points of course. The defense, the touchdown they did get, we gave up a cheap one. That's something that nobody was happy about. We had to just put that to bed and just go ahead out there on the next series and when we get a chance to stop them. We couldn't just sit at home and harp on that and when we got out there we put the brakes on them."

T Joe Staley
Post-Game Quotes - September 11th, 2011
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Talk about the game a little bit.

"The offense really took care of the ball. We didn't make any dumb decisions with the ball. We didn't turn it over. I think that was a big key for us offensively. Obviously, we would like to get things going a little more with running the ball. I think we did a great job up front protecting the quarterback, no sacks today, and that's something we definitely improved on from the preseason. Good first step. The big key was no turnovers and smart decisions, and we came out with the W." 

You came a long way from that first exhibition game when things didn't look so good.

"Yeah, we are on top of it. That's where we are going with the blitz pick-ups. Just being smart with the football and not making any dumb decisions. All in all just, coming out with the W" 

How was Alex Smith? Is he the same Alex or is it Alex II or a little bit improved version?

"It's the same old Alex I've always known. I think he communicated more leadership in the huddle. He did well out there. Like I said, no turnovers. That was a big key is that we won the turnover battle. It's exciting." 


TE Delanie Walker
Post-Game Quotes - September 11th, 2011
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks 

Do you know what Coach Harbaugh means when he says you have a blue collar offense?

"That means we work hard. We are everyday workers. We are going to go out there everyday and grind. It might not be pretty but we are going to get it done. 

What was Harbaugh like before the game today? Was he rah rah or was he quiet?

"Harbaugh is Harbaugh. He never changes. You aren't ever going to see a difference in Harbaugh, what you see is what you get. He was the same person he always is. He will come around and joke with you and do what he does. That's Harbaugh. We like that. There isn't any screaming and yelling with Harbaugh. He is the cool and collected type guy. The type of guy you can see in the streets and think he's a good person." 

After the game is he a little more excited?

"He was still the same person. He never changed. I think that's what we need. We don't need a coach with two faces. We need a coach with one face and we got that here with Jim Harbaugh." 

Talk about the kickoff and punt return

"The punt return was set up perfectly. We blocked everybody. He took it and broke a couple tackles and went to the house. The kickoff return, he just did that on his own basically. We set a return and he just bounced it off to the opposite way with his speed. You give him a little hole to run through and you've seen it. You've seen what he can do."


S Donte Whitner
Postgame Quotes- September 11, 2011
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

How about winning like that on the 10 Year Anniversary of 9/11 and making that kind of statement, a divisional game, you guys are one up in the division, and all of that?

"Yes we are one up in our division, but we look at it as two. So if you go (to Seattle) next time we play Seattle and go 2-0 then we know we have the ups on them. Coming out, 9/11 in a very emotional before the game, it's just good to come get the win. Wins are hard to come by in a National Football League game. To go out and win in the fashion we did today was excellent and great momentum for our football team." 

Those defensive linemen, DT Ray McDonald, DT Justin Smith, tell me about your experience playing with those guys?

"I love playing with those guys. It's the first time in my career in the National Football League I have a front-seven like this, where you don't really have to worry about much. Some things will come out of there, here and there, but you really don't have to worry about much. You can really focus on coverage and that's what we did today. We had some small mistakes which is expected in the first game, which we have to clean up, but I think the sky's the limit for this defense. We have a bunch of physical guys, smart guys, and after we correct our mistakes we will be ready for Dallas." 

Some guys that played for Vic Fangio say he's a ruthless defensive coordinator. You guys played ruthless out there. Did you feel ruthless?

"Yes he's ruthless. If you check my Twitter page, a couple days ago I said ‘Vic for President,' because he understands the game. He had an offensive background mixed with defense, and if you know offense and you come up on the defense side of the ball, you know how to attack offenses. He knows how to attack offenses. A couple plays out there, we let him down by letting things out that we won't let happen again, but he's built this defense from the bottom up and we expect to be a really, really good defense this year."