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Michael Crabtree Injury Update: Extremely Sore Foot Bothering 49ers Receiver

49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree came off the bench for Sunday's season opener but had to leave after aggravating his foot injury. He had x-rays that came back negative, but based on his post-game comments he sounded concerned that based on the pain it might be it might be worse. Thankfully it's not another fracture.

Coach Harbaugh was asked in the post-game press conference about Crabtree and he said he simply felt as though Crabtree wasn't 100% percent.

Unfortunately foot injuries can develop into chronic problems as we've seen in the past with professional athletes. I'm not saying it's definitely going to be a long term issue, but the multiple issues with it does leave me concerned. Over the next week of practice it will be interesting to see how much Crabtree is involved.

Hopefully this is something that he can get past quickly. The 49ers didn't exactly blow things open in the playbook with their wide receivers on Sunday but the number of weapons out there is quite impressive. Just got a figure out a way to keep them healthy and productive.

WR Michael Crabtree
Post-Game Quotes - September 11, 2011
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Are you 100 percent? Do you feel like you're 100 percent?

"No. If I was 100 percent I would've finished the game, but I'm not 100 percent."

When [WR] Ted Ginn Jr. hit the corner on that kick return, did you know it was over at that point?

"It was like him running a 200 and hitting the curve. I just saw him striding and as soon as he hit the corner I said, ‘Ted's gone.'" 

Did you have any problems with your cleats?

"No. It doesn't matter what cleats I have on to tell you the truth. It's my foot. It's not totally healed but it's good enough for me to go out there and play. Coach put me in, he knows I've played football before." 

Does it start to get sore at the end of practices as well, or was it just today?

"No not at all. It was just today. You're giving it your all in a game, it's the first game. It should be alright though." 

You said the x-rays already came back negative. Were you concerned you had done something to it again?

"Oh yeah. It was hurting so bad I was concerned, but, like I said, that's going to happen. Sometimes, I mean, if it's like that within a month you're just going to have to fight through it and finish the game. But we came out with a W today. That's the important thing." 

Obviously it's a week away, but do you think you'll be playing next week or does your foot need time to fully heal?

"I think I'm going to play every week. That's football. The season has started, so if it hurts again and I can't go then I'm just going to come out."