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49ers-Seahawks: Jim Harbaugh Lunch Press Conference

For those who began visiting the site since the end of last season, it is weekly protocol for the 49ers head coach to conduct a Monday press conference where he discusses the previous game, injury news and looks ahead to the coming week. You can view the press conference at and at I've embedded the streaming video after the jump, which should kick off just after noon. For now it just shows a camera in the CSN offices.

Jim Harbaugh holds his "debut day after press conference" today at noon pacific. There is plenty to discuss following yesterday's victory, both good and bad. He'll get plenty of questions about getting that first win, Ted Ginn's performances, and Alex Smith's toughness, among other things. You have to take a shot if the word tough or toughness is used during the press conference.

I'm most curious to see if anybody asks him about the offensive play-calling on Sunday. While there were some creative play-calls, there were a lot of conservative decisions on offense. I do think the truncated offseason might have something to do with it, but I'm curious how Coach Harbaugh describes the play-calling, if he is indeed asked about it.

Jim Harbaugh Press Conference