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Golden Nuggets: Not Sure About 49ers 'Attacking', But Satisfied Regardless

My Monday Night Football experience was one of disappointment and even a fair bit of rage. Anger and rage. Raging anger, even. It was not entirely unlike fury, to be quite honest with you. Imagine my surprise when the ESPN crew is talking about Tom Brady's MNF yardage record ( or perhaps it was when talking about the 99-yard reception) and they mention a few of the other names ... selected totally at "random", they mention Brett Favre.

It was just a passing remark, but it really got on my nerves that they went with his name instead of one of the others on the list. I just can't seem to escape talk of Favre, no matter what happens. I'm going to re-instate the Favre drinking game and make it in play for the remainder of the time I ever watch a football game. So expect me to be really fitshaced on Sundays. Enjoy the linkage, children.

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