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49ers Sign Ian Johnson To Practice Squad

As has been briefly discussed elsewhere, the 49ers released running back Xavier Omon from their practice squad and signed running back Ian Johnson to the squad. It is not a huge move at the moment as the 49ers will mix and match practice squad players throughout the season. Some folks were confusing Ian Johnson with nose tackle Ian Williams. Just to be clear, Ian Williams remains on the 53-man roster.

While most practice squad signings are fairly low key, Ian Johnson is potentially one of the more well known players if you follow college football. Johnson was a member of the 2006 Boise State Broncos team that became a Cinderella favorite as they went undefeated and stunned the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. The Broncos were rolling early in that game before Oklahoma stormed back and took a late lead. The Broncos then executed a hook and ladder to tie the game, a Wildcat pass in overtime and then the Statue of Liberty play to get the two point conversion and the victory.

Johnson received the ball on the final game-winning play and then proceeded to propose to his girlfriend (a Boise State cheerleader)) on national television. Head after the jump to view video first of the plays that won the game and then video of the proposal as Chris Myers blows the surprise.

Four minute highlight package of arguably one of the most exciting finishes in recent sports history

I realize there have been numerous dramatic moments in games with more championship significance. However, I remember sitting at home watching this game and the final minute of regulation followed by overtime was as thrilling a stretch as I've ever seen. I was rooting for Boise State because of the underdog nature, but other than that I had no real rooting interest and it still sucked me in. This is one of my favorite highlight compilations on YouTube.


Ian Johnson proposes to his girlfriend - Way to go Chris Myers blowing the surprise