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2012 NFL Draft Prep: College Football Week Two, Part One

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Hi folks!

Back again for this weeks installment of our draft prepping material. As mentioned before, each week AB3Rules and I will be taking a look at college prospects that the 49ers could be in the market for come draft time in 2012.

This past weekend had some very interesting games and more importantly, players in those games.

IN watching the 49ers this past weekend, it's still hard to tell at this point in the season just what positions will be vital to the teams success in the future. While some still believe that the 49ers quarterback position is still in question, others have not been so convinced with the secondary, offensive line, or running back play.

A lot will change through the course of the season and so should the players and positions we review from week to week. This week, we'll take a look at a few players that did rather well this past weekend.

Make the jump to find out who they are.

Arizona QB Nick Foles:

In these past two games, Nick Foles, a quarterback was not very high or fond of last year, has really proved me wrong so far this season. He has come back very strong this year throwing the ball for more than 800 yards in the air in just two games.

Foles still has a lot to prove, and although he threw for a lot of yards in the Oklahoma State game, he still was unable to make it a game and, or help put his team in a position to win. The Cowboys were a tough opponent from the Big XII, but I expect Foles to bounce back and have another high octane day against Stanford this coming weekend.

Whoever has the better fay between Luck and Foles, will have the best chance to win.


Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon:

Blackmon caught two touchdown passes this past weekend on the Arizona Widlcats secondary. He gave plenty of reasons as to why he will most likely be considered as the top wide receiver in this draft. He does however have stiff competition between South Carolina's Alshon Jeffery and Notre Dame's Michael Floyd.

Blackmon is a big target and will draw comparison's to some of the more physical and larger types in the NFL come draft time.

With questions about Crabtree's durability lurking, and Braylon Edwards only on a one year contract, possibly not to return to the 49ers, wide receiver is going to possibly be a high priority next season.

He will blaze up the gridiron all year long, so keep your eyes and ears open for Blackmon's name thoughout the year.


Washington CB Desmond Trufant:

Trufant already has two interceptions on the year. Coach Sarkisian knows how to get the best out of his players. I believe that as the year progresses, Trufant will continue to get better emerging quite possibly as one of the better corners in next years draft should he declare. He is a junior, so he still has another year to develop under Sarkisian if he wants or needs it.

He already has a good bloodline working for him with older brothers Marcus (who plays for the Seattle Seahawks) and Isaiah (who plays in the Arena League for the New York Jets).

However, bloodlines don't always pan out. The thing that Trufant has working in his favor is that he has more talent in his pinky toe than either of his brothers. I guess that's what happens when you have two older brothers that pick on you all the time. It motivates you to get better.