Dallas Debrief: Ask Blogging The Boys Whatever You Want To Know About The Cowboys

Hey folks. I come in peace, looking to open conversation between our two great blogs about this coming Sunday's tilt in The Bay. I'm one of the writers over at BTB and wanted to check in with the 49er following to see if you all might have any questions about how our team is viewed from inside the fish bowl. I'll try to bring some of our other writers over to participate in the conversation, so feel free to ask about anything, from the pulse of the team in the midst of Romo-Hate 2011, to play tendencies and schematic differences we might have noticed.  We'll do our best to answer any and everything, or at least admit we don't know.

I haven't had the chance to review the tape from your tilt against Seattle, but it appears like your defense fared reasonably well despite the exodus of some big name players. Special teams looked nice as you have the steady David Akers, (who I wanted us to sign instead of keeping Buehler) and Ginn, who is just an outright problem.

We appreciate your time, and hope to learn a little bit about your team as we march towards Sunday. Here's to a great game of hard hits, strong line play, limited laundry and no injuries!

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