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Golden Nuggets: Let's Hope We Get The Bad Tony Romo

Good morning, folks. I just spent the last two hours watching ESPN at the bar, where Tom Brady was the "talking point" eight different times. This isn't the same episode repeating twice - this was eight different topics talking about Tom Brady. Personally, I couldn't care less, so I did the sensible thing: I drank more. So now I'm back and I realize all I can think about is Brady and his game, and also how silly Tony Romo makes himself look over and over. I actually like Romo, he's the only Dallas Cowboy I've been able to bring myself to stand, but I really hope he makes himself look terrible again on Sunday. I mean bad. I want him to throw picks to everybody on the defense. Or fumble - since he seems to like those - I don't care which. Let's get to some links.

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49ers pledge to resolve run-game issues (

Vernon Davis: "Da Vinci is my guy" (

Harbaugh placed high grade on QB Garrard (

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick loses locker room bet with OL Adam Snyder (

Cowboys' front seven poses big challenge for 49ers (

On the Phone with Garret and Romo (

You Never Stay the Same (

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