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Jim Harbaugh Featured On VERSUS NFL Turning Point

Earlier this year, NBC merged with Comcast, which brought VERSUS into the NBC Sports family. VERSUS provides a host of sports coverage including college basketball, some UFC, the Tour De France, and a host of other sporting events.

As part of the new deal with NBC Sports, VERSUS will be mixing in a bit of NFL coverage starting tonight with a show called NFL Turning Point. The show is co-produced by NFL Films and NBC Sports and is hosted by Dan Patrick, who also works on NBC's Football Night In America. The show will focus on turning points in various games from the previous weekend.

I bring all this up in part because it's football programming, but more because on tonight's debut episode (10ET/10PT), 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh will make an appearance. Harbaugh was mic'd up by NFL Films for his coaching debut and tonight we'll get to see the results of that.

Tonight's debut episode will also feature Darrelle Revis mic'd up, some coverage of the Packers-Saints opener and a feature on Michael Vick.