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Jim Harbaugh: "Field Goal's Big Here So Don't Do Nothing Dumb Here"

After some comments about how San Francisco 49ers highlights were not being shown anywhere last Sunday, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh was front and center as it turns out he was mic'd up by NFL Films during the Seahawks game.

NFL Films aired footage on a new VERSUS show called NFL Turning Point and also had their own video. Some of the scenes are duplicated, but each actually provides a lot of different stuff. The video is just game video while the VERSUS show mixed in some mic'd up training camp footage as well. The VERSUS show will air again tonight at 10pm ET/10pm PT and I'd imagine it will be shown a few more times before the next episode airs next week. Make sure and check it out when you get a chance.

For now, if you missed the VERSUS show, I highly recommend checking out the video. Coach Harbaugh was most definitely pumped about the game and you can see some great excitement from the 49ers new coach. While there isn't a ton to glean from the video, there are a few interesting moments.

The best line from the video came right before Alex Smith ran in the bootleg for a touchdown. Harbaugh told Smith either hit the open man or the throw the ball away given how little time was left in the half. On the video, he follows that with "Field goal's big here so don't do nothing dumb here."

I realize Alex Smith is a big boy and can take those kinds of comments, but it's still kind of amusing to hear Harbaugh state the obvious to Smith. While any coach can probably say that, I've got to think having a former QB on the delivery end makes it something that's less likely to go in one ear and out the other.