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Golden Nuggets: Aldon Smith Can Mimic DeMarcus Ware All He Wants

Morning, folks. No, to those of you who brought it up - I am not related to Tom Brady. Obviously, you were joking, but I'll have you know that such accusations are rather hateful. I'd much prefer you reference The Brady Bunch or something along those lines ... because yes, I do indeed think that lowly of Tom Brady and his favoritism. That being said, I'm going to get to your links and get through them quickly today, as I'm in a hurry. Enjoy, folks.

Can the 49ers handle a tough Rob Ryan-led Cowboy defense on Sunday? (

49ers Aldon Smith is volatile windmill at line of scrimmage (

49ers vs. Cowboys -- Matchups to watch (

Crabtree, Goldson more involved; Williams' hit deemed legal (

Jim Harbaugh sets up game against Cowboys as stepping stone for progress (

49ers rookie Smith mimics Cowboys' Ware (

49ers-Cowboys rivalry not what it used to be (

Mic'ed up: Harbaugh, Smith having a blast in Week 1 feature (

Harbaugh encouraged by QB Smith's athleticism (

David Akers philosophizes on special teams (

Figure 8: Week 2 numbers for the 49ers (

Edwards: I know this offense can handle a shootout (

Jim Harbaugh, Alex Smith and athletic instincts (

Five Questions with Andy Lee (

Controlling the Line (

Seeing Red (

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