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Vernon Davis on VERSUS' NBC Sports Talk Today At 3pm Pacific, 8pm Pacific

Yesterday VERSUS ran a show called NFL Turning Point which had a feature on 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. NFL Films mic'd him up for his NFL debut against the Seahawks and the show combined that with some mic'd up training camp coverage. Well, VERSUS continues to roll out their NFL content with a show called NBC Sports Talk, which will air at 3pm pacific (in about 20 minutes) and again at 8pm pacific. This show will also have a 49ers angle as Vernon Davis will be a guest on the show.

The show is hosted by Russ Thaler with Mike Florio and Peter King as they wrap up the week's NFL news.  Additionally, Gregg Rosenthal will contribute a fantasy segment today and each Friday moving forward. I'm not sure when Davis will be on, but once it airs at 3pm, I'll add a note of when he appears so you can plan accordingly if you plan on watching the 8pm version.