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49ers vs. Cowboys: Jim Harbaugh Takes Questions In Final Pre-Game Press Conference

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke with the media this afternoon prior to a final practice and as has been the case for much of the last seven weeks, he didn't have a whole ton to say as you can see after the jump. Players on the 49ers are really good and bring a lot to the table (Vernon Davis, Donte Whitner) and players on the opposing team are also awesome (Dez Bryant, Felix Jones, Jason Witten).

I remain convinced that somebody out there needs to create a twitter handle @fakejimharbaugh to provide random comments and respond to questions using Coach Harbaugh's comments to the media. It's not meant as any sort of disrepect to Coach Harbaugh, but rather it's just funny seeing the way he handles the media with fairly general comments.

There were some useful questions to come out of the press conference, but not much in the responses. For example, somebody asked about Adam Snyder subbing in on occasion. Snyder was used at the end of line tight end position a few times and also subbed in briefly for Chilo Rachal on the third series of the game. Coach Harbaugh said it is not uncommon to substitute on the offensive line and Snyder will be in on occasion because the team thinks he's a good football player. So there you go.

Head after the jump to view the rest of Coach Harbaugh's press conference transcript.

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh
Press Conference - September 16, 2011
San Francisco 49ers

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Not often do you hear piped in noise for a home game, what was the thinking behind that?

"The defensive communication. Times when the opposing offense has the ball, there's crowd noise and the defense has to communicate. Going through those mechanics of the communication without being able to hear each other." 

Jim you talked about after the game how pleased you were at pass protection against Seattle. Will this game be a better measure of that, considering you have Dallas' defensive mind and what they can bring from the pass rush?

"Well it will be a big test for us, no question about it and a great challenge. Very good football team that makes it tough on you to protect the passer, so that area and many others. Definitely will be a big challenge for us and I think our guys are up for it." 

What do you think about TE Vernon Davis as a pass blocker?

"I think he's exceptional, both as a pass blocker and a run blocker, and well documented. You can really see with the eye,what he does in the passing game and the athleticism and the speed. He's well-rounded, much like the tight end from Dallas [Jason] Witten. They're both elite tight ends in the league because they can do both, they can block and run the assortments of routs." 

Other than Romo, stopping him, what other problems does that offense present?

"They have so many playmakers, Witten, [WR] Dez Bryant and their running back is outstanding. An assortment of weapons that guys that make plays, wonderful football players.  It's great challenges across the board. Just every unit, every one of our units will be challenged." 

A guy like Bryant, who may or may not play, do you just assume he's going to play and adjust if he doesn't?


Does it change much, really, from what they would do if the key receiver is out?

"I don't think it would, that would just be a guess. We prepared as though he were going to be in there." 

In the game Sunday, Adam Snyder saw a little bit of time at right guard, is that for that particular game, was it injury related or why was he in on occasion?

"He's in on occasion because we think he's a good football player. Not uncommon to substitute on the offensive line from time-to-time." 

Jim we talked about this question earlier this week, but can you maybe expand on what Special Teams Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach Brad Seely's brought and what kind of traits he's instilled in these guys?

"A real comprehensive knowledge of the game in a very short period of time, which really illuminates just what a good teacher Brad Seely is. I'm sitting in those meeting everyday and learning a lot of football from coach Seely, and I know our players are as well. It's great that we got results so quickly. He does a phenomenal job and I wish you could sit in on those meetings and listen to him coach. It's like professor at an institute of higher learning, and I know our players, realize that and soak it in and therefore it is showing up on Sunday. It's outstanding the way he gets his point across and teaches the game. Not just special teams, but broader - tackling, leverage and angles. It's really, really good. 

We'll sit in...


Are you inviting us?

"No, you said you weren't necessarily for us. You're neutral. Those meetings are for guys that are for us, that want to see the 49ers win." 

You're not going to let that go are you?

"No, at some point I'm sure I will." 

Is he as good of a special teams coach as Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh?

"No comparisons there. They're both outstanding. They're both very good." 

Jim, as far as the injury report acertations, where doe WR Michael Crabtree and S Dashon Goldson stand?

"Questionable for the game. Game time decisions on both of those men." 

Do you see some leadership skills in S Donte Whitner, can you just talk about your impressions of him since he's been here?

"Top flight pro in all areas. Really high level performance every time he steps on the field in practice and in games for us. Provides the leadership you're talking about in communication on the field, the way he talks in the backend for us. The same in meetings. Just a high level of performance on both the mental side and the physical side." 

Does it strike you that he's only 26?

"Yes, yes he does as a matter of fact. Very mature 26-year-old." 

Your two captains, I don't believe they have the ‘C's' on their uniforms. Is there a reason for that?

"That's hockey. You're thinking of hockey. That's hockey where they put the C on their jersey. 

So that's a hockey thing?

"That's a hockey thing. From the inception of the game, that was hockey. That's not football to us. C's on the jerseys, that's hockey. Which I have great respect for, we have great respect for the game of hockey."