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49ers vs. Cowboys: Will Vernon Davis Or Jason Witten Have The Bigger Game?

Vernon Davis versus Jason Witten doesn't really qualify as a "matchup" in the traditional sense of offense versus defense, but when you're talking about two of the best tight ends in football, it's at least worth exploring. Vernon Davis didn't have a huge day but he did have some key receptions and finished with 47 receiving yards. Jason Witten was the Cowboys leading receiver on Monday Night Football and finished with 110 yards.

For the 49ers, Vernon Davis is arguably the most athletic person on that offense and has proven pivotal in years past. He has the size and speed to match up with almost anybody in the NFL and the 49ers do what they can to create mismatches. If the 49ers offense is going to open up later today against the Cowboys, Vernon Davis has to be part of that. Whether it means crossing patterns, seam routes or even using him in reverses, the 49ers have to get him extremely active in the offense.

For the Cowboys, Jason Witten is Mr. Reliable. They know what they can get from him and he is a guy they count on each week. Given Tony Romo's fourth quarter collapse last week, I have to wonder if he relies on him even more this week. Throw in the questionable status of Dez Bryant and Witten could be one of the most important players on the field for the Cowboys.

If you look at each team's chances of winning, which tight end is more important to the offensive game plan for the respective team to secure victory?