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49ers vs. Cowboys: Stupid Penalty Dampens First Half Just A Little

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The San Francisco 49ers jumped out early on the Dallas Cowboys, looking fairly spectacular in taking a 14-0 lead early in the second quarter. The defense was nearly scored on in the first quarter but managed to stiffen up and lucked out as Dallas missed a field goal attempt.

The 49ers followed that up with a pair of touchdown drives that looked as impressive as anything we've seen from the 49ers in recent years. Alex Smith threw a spectacular pass to Kyle Williams for a touchdown and before that he managed to turn a busted play into an end zone pass interference penalty, which led to the first touchdown.

The defense was strong for much of the half but had a lapse late in the second quarter. A stupid offsides penalty against Ahmad Brooks immediately turned into a long Miles Austin catch and run after a defender fell down. It's now 14-7 as we head into halftime. The 49ers do get the ball back to start the second half so hopefully they can get something going.