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49ers vs. Cowboys: I Hate A Tale Of Two Halves

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The 49ers 14-0 lead has quickly turned into a 14-14 in spite of the absence of Cowboys QB Tony Romo in the second half. Alex Smith has struggled, the offensive line has struggled, and the defense is completing the hat trick of struggles. Just bad all around as Jon Kitna has tied this game up with a nice little touchdown pass midway through the third quarter.

The 49ers actually started the ensuing drive with great field position at midfield but quickly went three and out as Alex Smith barely avoided a fumble on a first down sack. All in all, things have gotten too ugly too quickly and the 49ers are in danger of letting what would be a huge win escape them. Coach Harbaugh needs to settle down Alex Smith because this is where the game is slipping away. The defense has had a couple lapses but otherwise haven't been too bad. The problem now is Alex Smith is getting a little jittery in the pocket.