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49ers-Cowboys: Jim Harbaugh Monday Lunch Press Conference

Well, it's a day later and the loss still stings. For me, I'm usually able to get over the losses pretty quickly and look head to the next week. That works until the team is mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, so let's hope they're able to hold on for at least a little while!

Jim Harbaugh will be chatting with the media at noon pacific today to discuss yesterday's game and likely start looking ahead to this coming weekend against the Cincinnati Bengals. I'm not expecting to hear much in terms of substantive material, but it's still worth checking out. I'm curious to see how much he is pressed on the field goal versus penalty yards decision. He'll get at least one question on it, but it's a question of whether the media presses further.

I'm also curious whether he is asked about some his later play-calling decisions. There are times I found myself wondering why the team wasn't further pressing the passing attack, which was having great success early on. Rob Ryan likely made some adjustments, but even still the 49ers were finding some success late in the game, particularly on little 8-12 yard sideline patterns. I'm a little surprised they didn't press that late. Maybe we'll more, although I won't hold my breath.

Head after the jump to view the press conference stream via CSN Bay Area. You can also view it live at

Jim Harbaugh press conference