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Caption This: An Offensive Line

You have no idea how proud of that title I am. Really, I may as well just quit after that, having officially hit my literary peak.

But the show must go on. It's always interesting composing a Caption This which will be published in the aftermath of a game that hasn't even begun at the time of the writing. For one, I have to wonder what kind of wonderful Philip Rivers Face moments I'm missing out on. For another, it's just a risk.

Imagine: This feature is based on the community having fun at the expense of those pictured: In this case, an assortment of 49ers offensive linemen. My presumption is that these guys are in line for a good-natured roast after their performance against the Texans. But what if they do a bang-up job against the Chargers? You know if they did or not. I don't. Not yet. They might. Maybe. There's certainly a chance. Maybe.

I would look like a fool!

And sure, a post can be edited after the fact. But, well, just look at all these words. There's... there's more than 200 of them. Don't ask the impossible.

Anyway, have fun. The name of the game is captioneering, and the captions that make you laugh deserve your rec's. I missed last week, but the highlight of the caption night from the week before came from zenbits, who joined an elite group of people to take home 20 rec's or more on one caption.