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Frank Gore Contract Extension: Potential Lack Of Guarantees Is Interesting

Jason LaCanfora posted an update on Frank Gore's contract extension with some very interesting details that would seem to reflect some of the uncertainties for Frank. According to his source, Gore has injury guarantees, but it appears no skill guarantees, which means the 49ers can cut Frank Gore throughout the deal without taking significant hits in the salary cap. Matt Maiocco provided some additional, more specific details via the NFL Players Association.

According to LaCanfora's source, Gore gets base salaries of $2 million 2012 and $3.3 million in 2013 and in 2014, with the 2012 and 2013 salaries guaranteed for injury but not skill. He can earn a maximum of $6 million in 2012 with a variety of workout and roster bonuses. Given how those bonuses work out, if I'm reading it correctly, barring injury he'll probably earn the entire $6 million.

His 2013 and 2014 salaries include similar bonuses, but also include performance bonuses. According to LaCanfora, the performance bonuses are based in part on him reacing 1,625 combined rushing and receiving yards. Last year he was on pace for 1,800 combined yards, but prior to that he hadn't surpassed 1,600 combined yards since his record-breaking 2006 season when he finished with 2,180 total yards.

This deal would seem to reflect Gore's own opinion that he will stay healthy and productive for the length of the deal. If the Harbaugh offense reaches the pinnacle we hope for, Gore could very well attain that 1,625 yards if healthy. I'd argue this deal not only reflects Gore's confidence, but also would seem to show that while Rosenhaus has plenty of say, this is the kind of deal a confident player makes more than a confident agent. In my mind, the lack of too many guarantees would seem to reflect that.