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The Moran Norris Conundrum: Looking At The Other Side Of The Coin

On Monday, 49ers fullback Moran Norris was spotted at team headquarters with an orthopedic boot on his left. There is no word yet on his availability for Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals. While we won't have any solid answers today, we'll have some more clues through the practice participation report. Coach Harbaugh will chat with the press during the day but I'd guess Norris is simply "working on something."

One of the long running discussions that doesn't really have a whole ton of disagreement revolves around Norris. I'd argue it reached its zenith last year in the opener against Seattle when Norris could not come down with a 4th and 1 pass at the Seattle 6 that would have been an easy touchdown and given the 49ers a 10-0 lead. There have been some moments of fury since then, but that really was "the moment" for many fans.

People have voiced complaints left, right and center. I'm curious if people have thoughts on why Norris has managed to stick around this year? I'm not sure I buy the Frank Gore connection nearly as much with a new coaching staff. So, what is it? His performance on Sunday was a mix of good and bad with a couple really good blocks and a couple bad misses.

Does the coaching staff simply see him as a veteran presence that they'd prefer to keep around until Bruce Miller is a bit more seasoned? Is it something else entirely? I'm not posting this as a chance for folks to just rip on Moran Norris because I think it's been proven that does not need its own post. I'm curious more about what the reasons might be that he sticks around.