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Braylon Edwards has "procedure done". Out for "a little bit"

At today's 49ers press conference Jim Harbaugh started out by saying that Braylon Edwards would be "out for a little bit" with his knee injury. As he was asked more questions about the injury, Harbaugh revealed that Edwards "had a little procedure done", which means surgery.

If I had to guess I'd say it was something similar to what Reggie Smith had done, a "clean-up" surgery that would likely sideline Edwards for two-to-four weeks. The 49ers are always very mum on injuries and there hasn't been many/any leaks to the national media confirming what the extent of the injury is.

Stay tuned but it looks as though Edwards will miss more than one game, at least to me.  The good news is that Harbaugh said he expects Michael Crabtree to be back in action this Sunday vs. the Bengals. Combined with Ted Ginn and Kyle Williams having good outings vs. the Cowboys, I think the 49ers can weather the storm while Edwards recovers.