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2012 NFL Draft Prep: College Football Week Three, Part Two

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Like in previous weeks, Drew and myself have been sharing our feelings on prospects who could help out the 49ers in the 2012 draft.

I want to start with one of my favorite CBs in the '12 draft crop.

Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama

At 6'3 and 192, Kirkpatrick is a tackling machine. I love his athletic ability. He will be a true shutdown corner in the NFL. He fits the mold as a big shutdown, cover corner that any team would love to have.

Kirkpatrick is a high pick right at this moment, a very early first round pick.

Josh Chapmam, NT, Alabama

At 6'1 and 310 he would fit in with the 49ers front 7. Like Washington's Alameda Ta'amu, Chapman isn't a sack or tackling machine. He is just a big force in the middle.

At this moment, Chapman is the second best NT in the draft. Chapman is more likely a option if the 49ers finish with a .500 or above record, as Ta'amu is more of a high first rounder.

Nico Johnson, LB, Alabama

At 6'3 and 245 lbs, Johnson is a good size for a ILB spot. This is of course if Bowman doesn't pan out. Johnson hasn't played much due to the likes of former Alabama ILB Rolando McClain and current stars Dont'a Hightower & Courtney Upshaw.

Johnson has good potential to be a real good ILB. I don't expect Johnson to become a first round high pick, but I can see Johnson in the second round.

Check back later for more analysis and thoughts.