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Jerome Simpson DNP (Whole Bunch Of Marijuana)

Fooch's Note: For those who have never seen Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, aside from NSFW language, there is nothing particularly creepy about the video in spite of what shows up before you press play.

Seeing as football season wouldn't be the same without a Cincinnati Bengals player getting in trouble with the law, wide receiver Jerome Simpson is a question mark for Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers. He missed practice on Thursday following an incident with police at his home involving several pounds of marijuana.

Apparently 2.5 pounds of marijuana arrived at his home via mail. The package was being tracked by federal authorities and when it arrived at Simpson's home the authorities asked to search the residence. Upon searching the home, the police found six more pounds of marijuana and paraphanelia. Simpson wasn't arrested, but it's safe to say this is not the end of the situation. Here's an interesting legal perspective on the situation over at Cincy Jungle.

One Bengals beat writer tweeted he would be very surprised if Simpson was active, but until we hear more from Marvin Lewis, it's all speculation. Simpson is coming off a monster game against the Broncos in which he caught four passes for 136 yards. A.J. Green is the guy around which they'll build the receiver corps, but I'd still be fine with Simpson deactivated for Sunday's game. No need for any more big play threats after Miles Austin shredded the 49ers defense.

While Nate Newton scoffs at a mere eight pounds of marijuana, I knew this situation deserved this classic clip from Harol and Kumar Go To White Castle. There is some NSFW language, but otherwise, enjoy on the last day of the work week.