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Michael Crabtree Conducts Q&A With Media

49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree took five minutes to chat with the team's beat writers before practice on Thursday and conducted one of the longer interviews I've seen of him. He chatted for a little over five minutes in front of his locker. We've got video courtesy of CSN Bay Area embedded after the jump. You can view more 49ers video over at

Crabtree seems to be feeling pretty good heading into Sunday's game, and while he has been limited in practice the last two days, it sounds like the coaches believe he'll be available and active on Sunday. Apparently he'll have some more news shoes to roll out. I hope they keep his feet more comfortable than the last pair.

There were several questions about Crabtree working in the slot and whether Nate Clements would cover him down there. I'm still not quite sure what Crabtree's role will be this Sunday, but based on some of these questions, I suppose we'll see Ted Ginn and Joshua Morgan on the outside and then Crabtree and Williams moving around inside? I'd love to have Braylon Edwards healthy, but I'm kinda fascinated by how the team uses the receivers they do have. We saw some great things at times last week and I guess I'll just cross my fingers that they can build on that.

Michael Crabtree Interview