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Golden Nuggets: Feeling Good About Today's Game

Good morning folks. Thanks to Fooch for covering the Nuggets yesterday, as we had some network issues and I had to get to sleep early. Today, the 49ers play the Bengals - if you hadn't yet heard - and I'm feeling extremely confident about the game. I felt that they'd do badly against the Cowboys, and was wrong then, but let's all hope I'm wrong now when I assume that we're going to beat Cincinnati pretty handily, yes? Not sure what links Fooch posted yesterday, so apologies for any repeats ... beyond that, let's just to the linkage. Enjoy, chillldren.

49ers' Brooks matures from Bengals days (

49ers need to win in Cincinnati (

Patrick Willis only 49er ranked in Sporting News' Top 100 Players list (

San Francisco 49ers' first road game of the Jim Harbaugh era is another test (

49ers Scouting Report vs. Cincinnati (

Crabtree's role vs. Bengals (

Stat checking: Offense not good; Lee historically good (

49ers' 10-day trip includes layover in Youngstown, Ohio (

Conservative offensive approach bucks league's wide-open trend (

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