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49ers vs. Bengals: Slow Start To The Game


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The 49ers got off to a rough start in this game as it looked like the Bengals were going to march down the field for an easy touchdown. Andy Dalton was picking apart the 49ers secondary with little trouble. Fortunately the defense stiffened up in the red zone and held the Bengals to a field goal.

The 49ers offense responded to the stop with a first down pass to Bruce Miller and then a quick three and out. After a subsequent 49ers stop of the Bengals, the 49ers offense seemed to have something going with a pair of first downs, but then once again they burned out quickly and had to punt. Andy Lee shanked the punt and the Bengals have the ball at their 40-yard line to start the second quarter. Maybe the 49ers just needed some time to get over the jet lag heading into the eastern time zone?