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49ers vs. Bengals: As Ugly As It Gets Without Mixing Rain Into The Equation

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The first half is over and that was one of the uglier halves of football you'll see today. Andy Dalton looked sharp on the first drive but the 49ers made some adjustments after that and have held the Bengals to three points. Unfortunately the 49ers offense has not been able to establish much consistency, which isn't exactly breaking news at this point. They might get a first down or two but then they follow that up with stuffed run, stuffed run, incomplete pass, or incomplete pass/false start, stuffed run, incomplete pass, incomplete pass.

This is an eminently winnable game but the 49ers need to take advantage of the opportunities presented. At this point, they could win 6-3 and I'd be perfectly fine with that. Ugly wins count the same as pretty wins. But you can't win if you don't move the ball. They're struggling in the field position battle as well and that is not helping matters. There is a lot of work to be done.