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49ers vs. Bengals: Three Quarters Of Ugliness

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The 49ers and Bengals are engaged in a fairly hideous display of football right now. We've seen a few solid passes but other than that it's been a mish-mash of poor running, a whole lot of flags, and inconsistent offenses highlighted by a lot of sacks. This really has been a rough three quarters of football.

And yet it's somehow 3-3 as neither team really seems prepared to take the game by the throat and make something happen. One of these teams is likely leaving Paul Brown Stadium 2-1, but it's safe to say either of them is on the bottom end of the power rankings for 2-1 teams. Of course, we could end up with a tie, which would be befitting this rough performance. Let's hope the 49ers can figure something out in the fourth quarter and put this thing away. It's entirely possible one touchdown could do it for either team.