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49ers-Eagles Injury Update: Michael Vick Has Deep Bone Bruise, Moran Norris Remains In Bay Area

Yesterday we had some injury updates that tell us a little bit more about what to expect at this Sunday's 49ers-Eagles game out in Philadelphia. The most pertinent news overall was that Michael Vick's hand injury is actually a "deep bone bruise" as opposed to a break or fracture. His hand is swollen and his availability Sunday will depend on how well the swelling comes down.

Jim Harbaugh said the team would prepare for Vick, Mike Kafka and Vince Young, but if Vick does not play I'd be a bit surprised. The swelling could very well stay a little too rough for the hand, but I'm going into this week assuming he'll be fine in a few days. Even if the swelling isn't completely down the brunt of the snap impact is on the left hand so he can likely handle some discomfort.

The other Eagles injury of significance was wide receiver Jeremy Maclin's hamstring strain. There were worries he'd miss the game, but now it sounds like the injury is not as bad as initially thought and he is day-to-day. He and Vick will both likely be limited in practice this week, but probably won't be any worse than questionable on Friday's final injury report.

The 49ers injury that has taken an interesting turn is that of Moran Norris. We don't have an update on the details of his injury, but something I overlooked in yesterday's Harbaugh conference call was that Norris remained behind in the Bay Area with Braylon Edwards. That would seem to mean that Bruce Miller will get a second consecutive start at fullback. We'll have more on the Miller-Norris debate (not sure I'd call it that at this point), but I'm kinda psyched to see Miller get a second start at fullback.