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Niners Nation Boldest Fans: Celebrating The Night Owls

SB Nation's NFL blogs have worked out a deal with Guinness in which we recognize the boldest fans on the site and also the boldest 49ers "fan." We'll get to the team's "boldest fan" in the coming days, but I thought we'd recognize the boldest fans for the site first. Initially I was going to try and pick one particular person on the site who contributes greatly. We've got a whole host of people who spend a ton of time on the site and contribute great comments day in and day out.

However, after thinking it over, I thought it would be more fun to recognize a group of folks on the site. Everybody contributes a great deal to the site, but for this particular post, I wanted to recognize the folks who stay up late into their night to enjoy the 49ers on Sunday. Primarily this covers the folks in Europe and further overseas. It also covers folks who work graveyard shifts and have to mess up their sleep schedule just to enjoy a 49ers game on Sunday.

The most visible member of this group is LondonNiner (in part due to the fact that he's one of the few NN members I've actually met), but in reality he represents a whole host of fans who spend crazy hours enjoying the 49ers. I find myself fortunate to be able to watch the 49ers at entirely reasonable hours where it's right during the heart of my day. Considering I am just happy not to have to watch games on east coast times, folks in Greenwich Mean Time and further east put me to shame.

We have folks who are up until midnight or later just to watch our 49ers. That is true commitment as far as I'm concerned. I wanted to post this at 5:00am PT because these very folks are the ones who are up and in the middle of their work day as this post goes up. I just want to tip my glass (ok, I'm not quite drinking this early in the morning) and encourage folks to give them a round of applause for the devotion. We're all devoted 49ers fans, but some folks do have to give a little some extra to their fandom.