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49ers vs. Eagles Injury Report: Frank Gore Could Be Game-Time Decision

The 49ers and Eagles released their Thursday practice participation report and nothing changed for the 49ers. Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree and Donte Whitner all remained limited in practice. On the Eagles side of the report, wide receiver Jeremy Maclin improved from not practicing to limited participation. We'll have to see what kind of participation he has tomorrow. My guess is he'll be questionable for Sunday.

The 49ers will likely have their own questionable player in Frank Gore. Although Gore was a limited participant, some of his comments indicate he will likely end up as a game-time decision. In chatting with the media, Gore was asked if he would be at full strength on Sunday against the Eagles. His response: "I don't know, man," Gore said. "I really don't know. If I can't go, I can't go."

I consider this notable in part because normally Frank Gore is a guy who will say I can play, I can carry the load, etc. We always hear about how he does not want to come off the field. To hear him questioning whether he can play or not this Sunday leads me to believe the odds are a bit higher that he will sit. It could all just be a con by the team to keep the Eagles on their toes, and it's also possible that Gore could wake up on Sunday feeling great.

Gore will likely be limited in practice tomorrow and show up as questionable on the final injury report. We'll then find ourselves waiting until Sunday morning to see if he is active and what kind of workload he'll get.