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San Francisco 49ers Roster Cuts: Josh McCown, Dominique Zeigler Released

Fooch's Update: Dominique Zeigler and McLeod Bethel-Thompson both cut as well. Shame for Zeigler given the injury issue from last year.

The 49ers made some early roster cuts today, including WR Joe Hastings, safety Curtis Taylor, and the most curious of all, QB Josh McCown. The 49ers brought in McCown after training camp began as a third QB option, but something didn't seem to cut it for them with McCown. He was 4 for 4 with 51 yards on Thursday against the Chargers but that wasn't enough to win him the job.

Right now the 49ers quarterbacks contingent includes Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick and McLeod Bethel-Thompson. As entertaining as it would be to continue for a guy nicknamed McBLT, I'd be fairly surprised if they went with this trio, or just Smith and Kaepernick once the season starts. Kaepernick has shown he has a lot to work on before he's ready to play in the NFL and McBLT has received very limited reps. If the team is intent on competing in 2011, they need a viable backup.

The question now is what quarterback are the 49ers targeting? For those that think they are not going to target another quarterback, I'd be interesting to hear your reasoning for that.

Until we get an official list from the 49ers, I'll update the 49ers cuts after the jump.

QB Josh McCown
WR Dominique Zeigler
WR Joe Hastings
WR Chris Hogan
S Chris Maragos