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49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh Discusses Roster Cut Decisions

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh took some time this evening to chat with the media via conference call about the roster cuts and the current 53-man roster. As is often the case, he kept his cards fairly close to his chest with regards to the quarterback and tight end situation and also had some praise for other players.

When asked about the quarterback situation, Harbaugh expressed confidence in Colin Kaepernick, but also said "I anticipate there will be [a quarterback] in the building, practice squad or other." Somebody asked about potentially adding one of the rookie QBs released today and I'm assuming they were fishing on Scott Tolzien. Harbaugh simply said that nothing would preclude them from any roster moves that would help the team.

He went into a bit of detail with regards to Bruce Miller. The 49ers drafted the college defensive lineman with the initial purpose of using him as a fullback. Since the draft, he has been in the mix for anything from fullback to special teams to defense. Harbaugh was asked about potentially using him at tight end and he said Miller could potentially do some things expected of a third tight end. Maybe the team is confident enough in that to just go with Miller in a super utility role.

Speaking of special teams, Harbaugh specifically stated that guys like C.J. Spillman, Blake Costanzo and Colin Jones were picked with the idea of being in the active 46-man roster on game days. I'd imagine Colin Jones is still a bit on the bubble and will need to improve on his struggles with over-pursuing on returns. However, after recent special teams coverage follies, let's hope the unit can show some improvement when the regular season gets started.

Coach Harbaugh Conference Call Audio